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 Rear Quarter Panel Extensions

It's not that hard! Requires about an hour for each part, not including painting. If you are not inclined to this sort of work, you can still save yourself a great deal of money by using our parts and getting a reputable local body shop to install them for you.
These parts are duplicates in dimensions of the originals, and will present an identical appearance if properly installed. Our parts are made of a sturdier high strength molded plastic instead of the flexible material some other places sell, and are very durable, but still can be cracked if badly abused, so be careful during installation.

To replace these parts it is not necessary to drop or loosen the main bumper.
    Tools needed:
  • Torq drive screwdrivers
  • Metric socket wrenches with a four inch extension
  • Some regular wrenches
  • Phillips screwdriver

Paint the parts to match your car before installing them, or have them painted at a bodyshop. Let dry completely. You can get spray cans to match your specific car at an auto parts store near you. Wax and buff them after installation.

-First remove the taillight glass and bulbs.
-Mark the bulbs to get them back in the right socket.
-Then take off the large vertical chrome part.
-There is one screw holding it underneath and two on top of the bumper
-Take off the old plastic part and discard the large metal part that
looks like a gasket but save the screws
-Use the enclosed washers with them.

-Now just replace the parts in reverse order from removal.
You may need to enlarge or eggshape the holes becase cars vary.
Do it with a pocket knife. Don't over tighten the screws and crack the part!


If you damage the new part during installation so that it detracts from its appearance or water sealing ability, you can return it for replacement free! We understand mistakes can happen, and want you to be pleased with our products. We will replace it (once only) if you return the damaged part and pay freight both ways. Not valid if the car is involved in an accident.

These parts will greatly improve the appearance and increase the value of your car. We have many other parts for popular cars, both old and new. We hope you will be pleased with your purchase and will pass along the word to others that they are available...

Thank you!!